Spy Lens For Smartphones

Yeah, Maxwell Smart preferred to make calls with his shoe. But, if KAOS were still threatening the USofA today, 'ol Maxy would switch to asmartphone and he'd definitely carry a Smartphone Spy Lens.
The Smartphone Spy Lens is a tiny gizmo you attach to your phone totake photos at a 90° angle. You can slyly hold your phone in texting position, while photoing straight ahead!

Periscope around a corner. Snap candid shots of your camera-shy kids. Take a photo of your dinner plate without having to climb up on the table.
Its high quality glass and mirrored interior ensures no photo quality is lost. Attach the included metal ring around your phone's lens and the Spy Lens magnetizes securely onto it.

Since it twists 360° you'll have all the advantages of a camera with a swivel screen. Hold it high and still see what you're shooting. Hold it low without dropping into an army crawl to set your focus.
With the Spy Lens in place you can lay your phone down and still shoot straight ahead. Turning any surface into an impromptu tripod for self ports, group pix and steady videoing.

Just slap on a "who me? I'm just crushing candies over here" face and you can send Chief photographic evidence without raising suspicions. It's much less conspicuous than talking to your shoe.

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