Apple Watch launches in Singapore

June 26, 2015. Today’s the day the Apple Watch goes on sale in seven more countries (including Singapore) since its launch two months ago. While you can order from the Apple Store (Singapore) online from 1:01pm, many have chosen to queue up at select shops of local authorized resellers, like NuboxEpiCentre, and iStudio, where sales start at 9am. For those looking for the gold Edition models, Malmaison by The Hour Glass is the place to head to.
We shan’t go into detail again what the Apple Watch is all about, other than we find it to be the best smartwatch for the iPhone. If you need more convincing, check out our review here.
We were at the various launch outlets this morning, and from what we gathered, interest in the Apple Watch remains high. Not iPhone high, but high nonetheless. More importantly for Apple, most of those in the queue we talked to are your typical consumers (hardcore Apple fans would have gotten it either from overseas or parallel importers), with many buying for their spouses and friends (as well as themselves, of course). There were also parents buying for their children. We also encountered tourists, Apple developers, and senior citizens. All in all, a good mix. A quick poll reveals that the 42mm Watch Sport is the most popular (not a surprise), followed by the 42mm stainless steel Watch with Link Bracelet. Most often cited reasons for the 42mm? The bigger screen and battery.
The buying experience today isn’t unlike other first wave launch countries. You’ve to join a queue first, and someone from the shop would make a note of the Watch you’re interested in. When it’s your turn, you’re brought into the shop and a staff would walk you through the features, let you try on some bands, and answer any other questions that you may have. In addition to standalone official Watch bands (from S$78 for a Sport Band to S$668 for a Link Bracelet), some resellers are also carrying third-party screen protectors and cases.
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