Spy Gadgets Mini Keychain Camera
Go Undercover Anywhere

- How do you get video evidence without anyone knowing? 
- How do you trap the refrigerator thief once and for all? 
- Is the gadget lover in your life in need of a gift?
The Keychain SpyCamera is What You Need!
This amazing spy camera looks like your car key! Nobody will know the difference!
The Mini SpyCam is ready in an instant to get you all the video and pictures you could ever want!

- With a pinhole camera and mic, yet still in 720x480 resolution, you get the video you need! Clear as day. 
- Secretly get spy-quality still pictures too! (1280x1024) 
- With a FREE 8gb Micro SD card INCLUDED, you can record for almost 2 hours!

Where to buy?

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