Lost In Words.

No matter what our beliefs, our religion, race, culture and where we are, everyone wants the best in life.Living in luxury, liked and loved by many, the perfect love story, a happy family, a good reward for the life after death.Raise your hands if there is anyone who does not want all that? But who are we? just ordinary people, who could only dream, trying,praying and hoping for the best in this life.
Sometimes we slip while trying to get what we wished in our life.Sometimes we forget that there are lines, and sometimes we over cross the line.We do a lot of bad things, sin, stabbed a friend in the back and lots more, in order to achieve our dreams.Sometimes we cross the line and we are hurting a lot of heart,or we have destroyed the lives of others without us realizing it.Hurm...what else i need to say here....?? now i really lost in words.

P/S: Lost in words....this is how it ends.


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Lasykar Langit dan Bumi said...

thats y we are 'Imperfect' no 'Im Perfect'

we do make mistake, myself always demotivated, but watching everyone else teach me to survive, to learn that, we r no suffered that anyone else.

Cheers bro