Brain Lost Talking

Dear all....this is the post for my come back , i will not post often like before and post stuff like i did before, this is the new start and the new chapter. Let just this "Brain Lost Talking" start.

This is about my feel in my everyday life,My brain dry-rotted from pot,i been treated like a psychotic, oh god....when your tongue rotting out from cotton-mouth..."Bullshit..u not worth it, crazy mutherfucker,damn stupid" it hard to talk to me that what you said.
Im Schizophrenia,Obsessive,Anxiety what ever they called it, Im psychotic... how many people can say like what i stated here?Were not the same, im a martians,Im comming from the life of crimes, try to be on my best behavior.
Trust me, you won't believe if i let you know about my life story.Shoot me,stab me, kill me with every fucking words you throw to me, i don't care... as long as i know that i'm doing nothing wrong.Fuck u! Fuck Your Words!

P/S: Ini Posting Orang Gila Di Pagi Hari. (",)


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FaizalSulaiman said...

marah bebeno neh:)

welcome back, bro!!