Free To Fall

Free to Fall is an all girl band originating from Klang. The band was formed in Dec 2004 with most of them having minimum or zero knowledge about playing instruments or making music. But having a shared passion and love for music was what brought them to where they are now. They are a versatile band mostly dabbling in Pop rock music and have a number of self composed songs one of which has made its way to the finals of a local song-writing competition. Their breakthrough came in Dec 2008 when they won the Malaysian Revival Songwriting Competition (MRSC) which then led them to release their winning single, 'The Wait'. Today they have traveled all around, playing in schools, corporate functions, restaurants, music fest and etc.
For Gig/Event Invitation:
amelia : 012 3050195
***and all of this number are strictly for business only and not to play prank. with all due respect, tq! :) ***


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