Andrea’s Ashes

Andrea's Ashes A Band That Been Formed Back On 2004,"Between The 4th Memories" Are The Previous Name For This Band. They Played Several Of Gigs From K.L to Ipoh City, Until They've Lost Thier Fomer Drummer.When They Found A New Drummer Called Goloq they decide to Switch They Name To Andrea's Ashes.Their Music Is About Friendship,Loyalty,Honesty,Respect And Most Of all Its About LIFE.'Fall Of A Wall' Is They 1st Promo Single,Its A Tribute To All Gaza Citizens, With A Heavy Riffing And A Little Bit Of Melodic Influenced Andrea's Ashes Walking towards This Metal And Hardcore Community and Still On.

For Gigs/Event Invitation :
Call 012-3690004 - Ejoy.
More Info Bout Andrea's Ashes


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