Youth X-treme Club

Youth X-treme Club or known as YXC is a event organizer club which manage great event for all of youth out there. They will organize gig, art exhibition, screening for indie movies and short film, charity works and so on.YXC mission is to gather all independent youth community from all sort of life stage in their event as to prevent the youth from doing immorale activities. They practise "no drugs, no alcohol, no free-sex, no violence" motto. And as you all know, they always hand in hand supporting our local indie scene.YXC vision is to let the youth enjoying themselves with right and positive methods. They will always give the youth their great awesome and coolest event and will be our highlight event of every year. They also wants to help new rising bands by giving them exposure as they needed and of course they want to expend the local indie music scene to be known not only by youth but also by adults.
message is strictly for business and important matters only.
For latest event INFO:
Please contact one of this number...
014-2235696 Cupido Sha(hotlink)
017-2103912 BabyJane(maxis)
013-3023479 Memen Hamid(celcom)
or just contact this email
***and all of this number are strictly for business only and not to play prank. with all due respect, tq! :) ***


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