Romance Not In Fashion

Romance Not In Fashion Is A New Comming Band Was Form On 2009, All the band members got own history in music/band. Cj and Aizat originally from There Was A Car Crashed, Zainal and Toreh from The Rocket Baby Doll and Kamil from band called Mellanoise.The Band Current Line Up Is Cj - Guitar/vocal, Kamil - Guitar , Toreh - Bassist (temporary) , Zainal - Drummer , Aizat - Drummer. As some people keep asking why They called Their self Romance Not In Fashion, the real meaning of the name is Love Is Not A Trend. It rather like to or prefer meaning is we doing music not because it is nowdays trend.Or what ever we do not because it was a trend (mahu yang baik atau yang jahat :P).Romance Not In Fashion Is from Shah Alam and Subang area. Type of music They playing is most to most like pop punk, punk rock, brit pop, alternative, indie, emo, rock, progressive, and accoustics.With different music background, They try to experimental alots of new waves.
All the song are recorded in CJ home studio in Shah Alam.
Just recorded 2 original released single as u can listen thru our page,

To contact for event,gig or show, kindly proceed to msg us here or call:
CJ- 0122626839
**for the moment they're busy with studio work and some of the band mate got life commitment, so they will try their best to attend any offers. Its not a promise in case you wondering. :)


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